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Life is all about balance and getting things in the right proportions and your eyebrows are no exception. When we choose what colour or shade of makeup to wear, we pick colours that compliment our skin tone to help enhance our natural features. Similarly our brows should enhance our facial features too. And just like wearing too little or too much eye make up for example, your eyebrows have a huge bearing on creating a balanced look. It’s no longer just about keeping them neat and tidy. They can help us look younger and more vibrant when done correctly. Statement brows that are too big and dark, will draw attention away from any other facial features and we don’t want “your brows to walk into a room before you do”.


Very fine brows on a face that has very prominent features can in fact make the features stand out further. The key is to strike a balance and enhance what you have. By getting the correct shape brow for your face, you will create a more balanced appearance which may take a few years off too!

Services we provide

eyebrow waxing.jpeg

eyebrows waxing

Waxing is a faster, generally less painful and more efficient way to remove eyebrow hair. ... If you've got particularly thick or coarse hair, or if you need a lot of hair removed, waxing is a good choice. 

For some  services a patch test is required at least 48 hour prior the treatment

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