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 - Our Service Guarantee

We make every attempt to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience at Antonacci Hair & Beauty. In the event that you are not satisfied, please let us know at the time of your service or within 48 hours after your service has been performed. 


 - Refunds

. All services are non-refundable but we will be more than happy to schedule a corrective service free of charge.

.The service must be a mistake from the service provider, not something you might have changed your mind (after the service has been performed).  In case of a disagreement, a redo must be validated by management. You have 48 hours to contact the Salon to receive a complimentary service to adjust any dissatisfaction.  Corrective services will not be allowed 5 days past initial service date.

.It is important you contact the Salon as soon as you are unhappy so we can schedule you As Soon As Possible for a corrective service. 

Please be aware that ;

    Colour correction services or/ going from very dark to bright colours it may need more than one service and session to achieve your desired result, specially if the client has used box died on their hair.

    Any hair chemical treatment can cause dryness to the hair and any hair colour wash out with the time, therefore you will need to treat your hair with deep conditioning and also, re toner your hair to keep the colour always fresh as toner wash out between 4 to 10 washes depending the client's har porosity.

. Packages or Treatments Courses will not be refunded, but can be exchange for other services. 


. Gift Cards will not be refunded.

- We do not accept 

. As a small specialist hair and beauty salon all our professional are highly qualified and trained  to attend you.

. We use the best products in the market and we are committed to achieve the best results to make you happy.   Therefore, it is not acceptable any kind of manipulation, lies, or threat by e-mails, press or social media channels in order to damage the business reputation, causing distress and anxiety to all staffs affecting our professional and personal life. In this cases, Antonacci Hair & Beauty reserves the right to sue anyone for cyber bullying. 

​- Right to Refuse Service

​Antonacci Hair & Beauty  reserves the right to refuse service to anyone demonstrating inappropriate behaviour to any member of our staff.

- 48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

. We understand that due to your busy schedule you may have to cancel or change an appointment with us.
. In order to respect the time of both our guests and our staff, we simply ask that you notify us of a cancellation or rescheduling at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. 

​. If an appointment is re-scheduled 2 individual times within the 48 hour window you will be placed on a walk-in basis only.

This is so that we may have ample time to fill the appointment time should you need to cancel your service. Appointments that are cancelled/rescheduled less than 48 hours prior will result in a 100%  charge fee of your service booked.

. Cancelations / reschedule less than 48 hours notice or No Show due to COVID matters will also be charged in full. 

. All COVID precautions are in place to prevent spreading of the virus. We provide a private room for anyone, PPE and disposables will be used and all staff are vaccinated. 


- No Show

. In order to respect the time of our hairstylists, if an appointment is no showed you will be subject to  full amount charge of your booked service. Please be advised if you NO Show on a Re-Do Reservation we will not be able to schedule a new reservation free of charge.



 - Packages & Courses of treatments (no show/ reschedule/ cancelation)

When you pre- paid a treatment course/ package and No Show for your appointment or cancel/ reschedule less than 48 hours notice, a session will be take off from your treatment course as

the time was reserved specially for you.

 - Lateness

. Please be courteous to your hairdresser/beauty therapist and other clients. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your hair appointment, 5 minutes for beauty services, we may have to reschedule your appointment and a balance of it will be charged. 

 - Reservations
. You may request a reservation by calling the salon or via our website.


 - Booking Fee

 . When you book an appointment we may ask for a booking fee. This fee will be used as part payment towards your service and is fully refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment.

Your appointments are very important to the Antonacci Hair & Beauty  team. It is reserved especially for you and, whilst we understand that sometimes changes are necessary, we respectfully ask that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance. Our cancellation policy is strictly 48 hours for all clients. If we don’t receive 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment then we may miss the opportunity to fill the space and clients on our waiting list miss the chance to come and see us. If we don’t receive 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment then unfortunately, your booking fee becomes non-refundable.

 . All returning clients who fail to attend an appointment twice will have to pre-pay in full for their next appointment. We completely understand that things can happen at the last minute and can assure you that we will be sympathetic.

 . For services like; colour correction, balayage, Highlights, Ombre and Brazilian Blow-dry we require £80 booking fee fully refundable  if you cancel 48 hours before your appointment.

- Methods of payment

Antonacci Hair & Beauty accepts America Express, Visa, Master Card and Cash.


- Allergy tests

 . Clients who have not had a colour service before, or have not had a colour service for over six months at our hair salon must make arrangements for a skin allergy test. Allergy tests must take place no later than 48 hours before a colour service appointment. Booking deposits will not be refunded if you do not visit us to have an allergy test performed in good time. 


- Gift Certificate Policy

  • Gift certificates are valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase and must be presented at time of service.

  • Copies of gift certificates are not acceptable.

  • Please call Antonacci Hair & Beauty concerning lost gift certificates.

  • All gift certificates are non-refundable.

  • Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.

  • Gift certificates are valid at Antonacci Hair & Beauty only for all products and services available.

- Privacy

Information collected from this site is only used if we need to contact you for further information regarding your appointment.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in providing us with your contact information.

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