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Elesandra Antonacci

Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Elesandra is the founder of Antonacci Clinic and Antonacci Salon. 

She is trained in medical aesthetics such as Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler as well as Body and Face Anatomy and Physiology


After graduating in Advanced Aesthetic, Elesandra undertook further specialist  training in Face Harmonisation and Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Uk and also in Brazil where she learned with renowned  doctors specialists  in Facial Harmonisation. 


Her passion in life is to help men and women feel better about themselves through the way that they look. She aim to give people the power to become the best version of themselves by providing the right information and the right treatments at the right times.


She is meticulous in her work and loves the challenge of creating natural looking enhancements that flatter the physique, without anyone being able to tell anything has been done. She understands how daunting the prospect of changes can be and her clients love her calming nature and consultation style where she chats through all your options. After your first consultation with Elesandra you will understand her passion for her work and her dedication to achieving clinical excellence for every client she treats. When it comes to your wellbeing, nothing is higher on her list of priorities.

eu aesthetics_edited.jpg

"I believe that aesthetics goes far beyond knowing which muscle to inject.  It is so important to understand the clients, their expectations  and most important, be honest with them, give advice and recommend the best treatment to meet their expectations. This is something I've learned in my vast years of experience in this industry treating my clients."

Elesandra Qualifications

She sincerely believes that the success of any professional is never to stop learning.


After three years of hard & intensive studies and lots of  hands on practising Elesandra graduated in Advanced Aesthetics.  During this period she acquired essential and vital medical grade certifications such as Anatomy and Physiology, Healthy and Safety, First Aid and CPR,  as well as Advanced  Botulinum Toxin (botox), Dermal Filler and all its extension such as hand rejuvenation, lips augmentation, Gluteo Augmentation and PDO threads for full face. She also specialised in Facial Harmonisation, a qualification she acquired by renowned doctor in Brazil. 

Anatomy and Physiology - Body & Face

Toxin Botulinum - Botox
Foundation & Advanced 

Dermal Filler -
Foundation & Advanced

Facial Harmonisation

Rhinoplasty- Non Surgical

PDO - Threads
Foundation & Advanced

Fat Dissolve - Medical Device

HIFU- Laser Skin Tightening 

Gluteo Augmentation

Fat Freeze - Cryolipolyses

Hair Laser Removal




Hand Rejuvanation

Advanced Aesthetics
level 5,6,7

NQV Beauty Therapist Level 2, 3, 4

 Gallery - before/after 

Non-surgical Rhynoplasty

rhinoplasty filler.jpg

Botulinum toxin - Botox


Lips Augmentation

dermal filler lips 1.jpg
Lips Filer.jpg


jawline filler.jpg

Just book for a consultation if you would like to know more about our treatments and how we can make you feel one million dollar ! ;-)

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