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Your Hair always up to date 

- with convenient monthly payments -

A new payment plan to keep your hair colour beautiful and glamorous at Antonacci Salon

We all know how hair can affect our self steam and confidence. A beautiful and glamorous hair will always catch attention and complement our outfit making us feel great! And thinking how we could help our clients to keep their hair always fresh and glamorous we have launched the 'Plan Ahead your Beauty' plan .. Paying small monthly payments allows all our clients to save for their next treat day when it comes the right time and no more excuses to have overdue brassy hair colour.  And mostly important, don't need to pay all in one go.  

Let's say If you have not saved enough and feel your hair is due to a new fresh balayage, you can still book for your treatment and pay the difference on the day. Not problem at all. 

It is so easy and simple.  The only thing you need to do is to pick the plan that suits you best and make the first payment and that is it! 

Feel great and beautiful every day ! 

Choose your plan and enjoy your

Balayage Hair Transformation

We are offering 3 plans spread amount. Please select your preferred timescale - simple and easy!   

There is nothing else to worry about.  All payments will be collected via Direct Debit each month as agreed.  If you want to cancel just send us an email or give us a phone call preferable, and we will

cancel it for you. If you still having some credit left, you can use it at any time you would like.

For more details, just check our Plan Policy  please.

  • Balayage - Plan 3

    Every month
  • Hydrafacial

    The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation
    Valid for 6 months

Our very happy client post!

Balayage Transformation

Everything your hair needs to look amazing!

Don't know what to book ?

Here is all we recommend to book on the day for your perfect Balayage.

1- Balayage - lift the actual hair colour to place the new desired colour.

2- Olaplex - is added on colour and lightner to protect your hair during any chemical  process.

3- Toner - to make a beautiful bespoke tone and cancel any undesired colour.

4- Deep reconstruction hair mask - applied at the end to make the hair beautiful and shiny.

5- Blow dry -   Amazing finish to the final results, see the colour and leave the salon feeling Glamorous!

. Please be aware that the instalments plan works as a saving to be deducted from your final bill on the day of your treatment.

. All Colour and Balayage Hair Services are subject to bespoke pricing according to client's hair length and thickness. In case you have not save enough on your instalment plan, don't worry, you still having your hair done and you will be asked to pay the difference only. 

. If you have some credit left, you can use it on your next appointment at any service in the salon as it is not refundable.

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