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10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A beautiful hair is a non-surgical facelift plus more aha moments.

Instead of charging to the dermatologists and demanding fillers at the first sign of wrinkles or investing a small fortune on miracle creams, maybe give your hairdresser a call instead. Tell them your issues (the hair ones) about what you think is making you look older, and then let them get scissor-happy.

Sharp bob

A chin-length cut gives off the illusion of fullness, and the shape of the cut will make your hair feel fuller But keep it modern with an edgy bob like Charlize Theron, to avoid a matronly look. Ask your stylist to cut into the ends of the hair to create more volume and give it an uneven edge that will come off as fresher and more flattering than a blunt bob, says Ele Antonacci

Curly bob

There's a reason many older women choose to have chin-length hair, instead of longer tresses: "For some people, long hair drags the eyes down, emphasising drooping facial features," Ele says. "A shorter cut is a non-surgical facelift that draws the eye away from facial imperfections." We love how Jane Fonda's wave curls frame her face and perk up her features, adding to the "lifting" effect.

Asymmetrical bangs

Ele advises to get bangs only if you have a high forehead, otherwise they can draw more attention to facial imperfections. "If you're worried about forehead lines, a very long bang that can be swept to the side is a good option," Ele says. "It's like a nice little bit of window dressing for the face." We like how Rashida Jones's bangs balance out her long forehead and pointed chin and emphasise her cheekbones. And because they're a different length, they don't hide her eyes and make them look droopy.

Choppy bob

Kristen Wiig's dual-toned haircut shows her roots in the best possible way. The darker parts match her bold brunette eyebrows, while the platinum blonde bob makes her look edgy and modern. It's also a great way to mask grays!

Shoulder-length hair with layers

Forget what you thought about long hair past the age of 40—thick hair actually looks more youthful and polished when it falls shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair has a tendency to expand at the ends, leaving you with an unflattering triangle effect. When hair falls past the shoulders, however, the extra hair will weigh it down and prevent that from happening.

So, ask for minimal, face-framing layers. In terms of length, it should be no shorter than your shoulders, but the maximum length depends on your face shape.

Angular-cut bangs

Less precise cuts on bangs can give them more shape without hiding your eyes and your entire forehead. Halle Berry's long bangs also have highlights, which gives them more depth and a warmness that contours her face.

Golden highlights

At 50, Jennifer Aniston looks younger than ever, thanks to her sunny highlights, loose waves, and face-framing layers. We love that it also complements her gorgeous olive-toned skin.

Medium-length haircut

Sometimes, you don't need a big hairstyle to make all the difference. A cut just below the shoulders with a soft curl at the ends feels modern and natural for women with straighter hair.

Asymmetrical bob

Oily roots quickly look drab and lifeless, even dirty, especially if you have fine hair. Stylist Carole suggests going for an asymmetrical cut like Helen Mirren's. "The asymmetry and deep side part provide the hair with lift and fullness, whereas a middle part would draw more attention to oiliness," she explains. Bonus: The cut will also enhance strong bone structure, like your cheekbones, which tend to pop more with age thanks to decreasing fat in your cheeks. Just be sure to mention that you don't want too sharp of a cut. Precise chops can make your look more severe and dated.

Ombre ringlet hairstyle

Ele recommends layers for curly hair—but not too short—otherwise they'll add volume on the sides that might make your face look rounder and wider. "Layers will release the weight of the hair and show off the beautiful natural texture of the curl," Ele says. Beyonce's short and long layers add dimension to her cut, while also flattering her oval-shaped face.. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb to get some definition. But don't touch your hair while it's wet—this can make it frizz, Ele warns. Instead, "squeeze your hair gently once it's dry to break up the product and to have a softer look."

Bronze highlights

Mix and match different hair colours closest to your natural one to get the perfect highlights. Kate Beckinsale's brown and blonde highlights help open up her face and bring out the color in her eyes.

Now that you have some hair stile ideas, why not having a chat with your hairstylist and ask them which one they would recommend for you?

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